“Low flow [shower heads]? I don’t like the sound of that.”

-Kramer, Seinfeld


Bidetonism is using the water spray from a bidet or showerhead to masturbate. This is typically done by women, though some men can also masturbate this way. The bidet is a receptacle similar to a toilet bowl, with a stream of water that is used to clean the genitals after using the restroom. It was likely not long before an ancient woman squatted over a bidet to clean herself and found herself squatting for a lot longer than necessary. It would be easy to realise that the flow of water did more than clean… it provided pleasure!

Getting Shower Head

As our bathing technology improved, the bidet fell away as a standard feature in bathrooms, but showerheads took their place in the pleasure department. Women realized that by changing the angle of the showerhead they could direct the spray to their vulva and bring themselves to orgasm. Though it was not a woman that invented the removable showerhead, it likely should have been. It’s not only helpful with precisely washing your hair and body, but it also provides precise stimulation to the clit. With the advances in shower wands and the addition of different strength levels and spray patterns, the shower wand became many women’s best bath-time buddy. 

A Clean Fetish

Many women use a water spray to find pleasure, but some of them actually need water stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. Though for some it might be the literal water (as can happen with albutophilia or ablutolagnia), for others it is because of the particular intense and direct stimulation that is difficult to achieve without water. 

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