“Love is a wonderful thing, my dear, but it leaves you wide open for blackmail.”

-Jasper Fforde


A fetish for blackmail is pretty easy to understand. Blackmail is when one person demands money from someone in order to not reveal harmful information or juice they have on that person. A fetish for blackmail is usually held by a submissive who loves to have their wallet milked by a hot dominant personality, or by a controlling dom who gets off on seeing their subs squirm. Blackmail is illegal in many places, but there are still ways to enact this fantasy and make your dreams come true in the bedroom.

Consensual and Erotic Blackmail

First of all, while this is called erotic blackmail, if your sub changes their mind and decides to go to court, you might be in legal trouble. Because of this, blackmail play is quite edgy and it is only recommended to happen between partners who know and trust each other. The safest way to do consensual blackmail is to have the sub, the one getting blackmailed, is to come up with a written agreement in which the sub agrees that the sensitive information shall get released if they do not fulfill certain things. Their end of the deal often involves paying large sums of money to a Domme or servicing them in any number of ways to prevent an action.

The Thrill of Sexual Debt

For some who enjoy playing this way, it is all about the thrill. They know if they don’t fulfill their end of the deal, something bad will happen, and it is that dread which actually excites them. They love to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some subs of this genre will even wait until the last minute to make their payments or fulfill their tasks because they secretly almost want to show everyone the held materials. In the end, however, common sense usually wins out and they keep the game going.

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