“If I were blind, I’d wear a blindfold all the time.”

-Demetri Martin


A blindfold is something that you can use to temporarily block someone’s sight. It is usually just a piece of cloth or a fabric which covers the eyes. A blindfold can make a person feel kind of vulnerable, since sight is a sense that we rely on all the time. There are many different types of blindfolds and many reasons that people use them. They can be used in a sensual manner or in a way that is cruel in terms of BDSM play. There are lots of ways to use blindfolds in bed, and all of them are sexy and fun!

Types of Blindfolds

A simple mask worn to bed or on a plane to block out the light can make a great blindfold, as can a dark-colored scarf or necktie. You can also find high quality blindfolds at sex stores, in a variety of materials from latex to leather and many types of cloth. There are blindfolds that lock onto a person’s face so they can’t take them off, and blindfolds that are part of a whole head harness which also includes a gag. Many hoods also include a blindfold component, but those are considered to be more restrictive.

How To Use A Blindfold

If you want to use blindfolds in play-time, you should establish a safeword. It’s simply good practice when dealing with BDSM activities. You should also come up with an idea for what to do with them. A great idea for first time blindfold usage is to do a tasting of some sexy foods. Have strawberries, chocolates, whipped cream and some honey all on order. Don’t forget to put a few body parts in there like fingers, nipples and cock! Other ideas include a sensual blindfolded tease where you work your partner up to a big orgasm or a naughty spanking where you can surprise them with caresses and spanks to mix it up.

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