Body Worship

“Women are sacred and the woman one loves is holy.”

-Alexander Dumas


When you are faced with a beautiful woman standing in front of you in a Dominant position, the only thing a submissive can do is beg for the privilege to worship her completely. Higher levels of worship come with emotional and spiritual awareness, but beginners start with the more obvious physical body worship lessons that they need to fully comprehend in a concrete sense first. This includes kissing and licking the most delicate and beautiful parts of a goddess, like her juicy ass, full breasts or when earned, a taste of her wet pussy. Never forget her perfect feet or the boots that adorn them. Body worshipers see their Domme as a Goddess to be feared and adored. Female subs can also worship their Dom or Domme in a similar manner. In many ways, body worship is more about the enthusiasm and reverence of the act, than the body part itself.

Doms Initiate to Make it Happen

If you have been dreaming of body worship but haven’t had the confidence to bring your fantasies to fruition, there are a few things you can do to easily make it all happen. One fun way to bring some BW (as it is sometimes known) into your life is to put some emotional distance between yourself and your sub. More than a vocal instruction, a sub must feel the sense of loss and despair that comes from withdrawal and disconnection in order to relish your presence properly when you return. Only when a sub is sure that their connection to you is in jeopardy can they reach deeply enough within their own psyche to give themselves over to you fully with a full comprehension of how lucky they are to be afforded the gift of your attention.

Full Time Power Exchange Vs. Part Time Roleplay

Novices like body worship because there is a clear distinction of power. Sure, a guy might want to grab a girl’s ass, but if he is submissive, the act of worship and the necessity of permission heighten the sexual satisfaction tremendously. However, when a couple moves beyond part time roleplay toward full time power exchange, body worship can take on a whole new level of arousal. Many full time submissives perform housework, complete chore lists, accept commands without question and show their appreciation by constantly caring for the body of their Dom as the true vessel of an enlightened soul. Preferring to be used as a coffee table to prevent his drink from ever spilling, serving as a better footrest than any cold leather ottoman. Washing their Dom without request and helping him rest as each day of servitude blissfully leads to the next.

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