“Brunettes are troublemakers.”

-Charlie Chaplin


Brown hair is a very common hair color. It is in fact the second most common hair color in the world! The shades of this hair color can range from lighter to darker, but once it gets too light it is known as blonde, and too dark makes it black. Brunette people have those shades of hair right in the middle. Brunette women are known as the kick-ass girls, the girls next door and the ones who are more down to earth, especially when compared with blondes who are stereotypically airheads. However, keep in mind that these tropes are just stereotypes and every brunette has a different personality.

The Sexiest Brunettes

There are lots of brunettes in the world and many of them are famous women that we drool over every day. Angelina Jolie is the puffy-lipped brown-haired beauty of our dreams, and Jennifer Lopez not only has that amazing and outrageous ass but a great head of brown hair. Don’t forget that Jessica Alba is more than just a household products mogul and former actress, but also a super hot brunette who looks good in whatever she wears. Of course there are also plenty of brunette pornstars. Isis Love, Richelle Ryan and Eva Lovia are all beauties with brown hair who grace us with their erotic presence in porn.

Finding Brunettes

If you want to try a brunette then you won’t have to look very far. They truly are all over the place. You could probably meet one at the grocery store, the gym or your office. However, finding one to date is a bit harder than that. You can go onto online dating sites to get a preview of what someone looks like, or you could watch some brunette porn for a sure thing that will definitely end with a brown-haired girl on the other end of a hard cock. Cam shows with brunettes can be fun too!

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