Bug Chasing

“Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.”

-Maya Angelou


Bug chasing is a dangerous fetish that happens primarily in the world of gay fucking. It happens when one guy is HIV positive and another guy wants to become HIV positive. The two fuck raw with the hope that the virus will get transmitted from one to the other. No one really knows why this fetish has developed, but they do believe that some people involved in it don’t actually want to contract the HIV virus; they simply love the danger and game of roulette that is involved in the act. However, there are many reasons why people would do this, none of which make sense to a large number of people.

Relationship Savers

Some people who are in a relationship where one person is HIV positive and the other is negative may use bug chasing as a way to “save” the relationship if it looks like they are going to break up due to the fear of passing the virus on. The way to stop that fear is to simply do it. With the medical industry the way it is today, people with HIV can live as long as other people, though it is a serious illness. Either way you practice it, bug chasing is very dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone.

Mental Illness

Some people believe that those who have a serious fetish for bug chasing are related to other people who have a psychological disorder known as Munchausen’s. They love the attention that comes with being ill from what some see the ultimate disorder, and they love the medical procedures and excitement of medical emergencies. This type of bug chaser loves the sympathy and community that people with HIV have. Again, any type of bug chasing is not good for your health and it should be avoided at all costs.

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