“You go cutting one guy’s cock off and you never hear the end of it.”

-Kameron Hurley


While most people really appreciate their genitals, some people actually want to see them go. Whether it is because they desire to submit so deeply to a dominant that they don’t care what happens to them, or because they love women and hate men, including themselves, it is a confusing fetish to have when you want to chop off your own dick or maybe become a eunuch as part of sexual practice. Believe it or not there are actually a few different ways to castrate someone, all of which should only be done under the care of a medical professional. Most people don’t think that the culmination of a fetish deserves medical attention so this is another one that you’ll probably want to simply role-play.

Types of Castration

There are all sorts of different types of castration that will help anyone feel like their cock has shriveled up even if it hasn’t. The most common type of castration is surgical castration that should always only be done by a medical professional. There are also other options to have your balls cut off only, if you want to leave the cock, and vice versa. There is also chemical castration, which involves the person taking medication that suppresses their sex drive and sexual organs. Finally, there are a few forms of castration involving taking something tight and cutting off the circulation to the testicles.

Making it a Fantasy

Castration, for many, is one of the fantasies that is really not as fun when experienced in reality. You can never cum again with your regular dick if you castrate yourself, and so it’s a grave decision to make. Because of that people really like to role-play about castration, usually in the context of BDSM relationships. Often there is the threat of castration, or bands and ties are used to tighten around the balls, but they don’t cut off the supply completely and can be removed before any real damage is done. It’s much more fun when you get to cum another day!

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