“There are two types of people in this world. People who hate clowns…and clowns.”

-DJ Machale


A clown fetish is someone who loves creepy clowns so much that they want to have sex with one, or they want to dress up as one and get freaky. The late pornstar Hollie Stevens was one of the pioneers of clown porn, and she added many videos to this category over the years she was shooting porn. For some the fetish starts because they are actually scared of clowns, and fear is really just around the corner from arousal. Others with a clown fetish are really more interested in the silly antics of clowns, and love the messy tricks they do like putting pies in people’s faces or dumping slime on their head!

So, You’ve Got a Clown Fetish

This is a particularly difficult one to explain to a partner, and so many clown fetishists live in the closet for years. If you do have this fetish, you may feel scared about revealing yourself in such an intimate manner. One way to avoid this is to find a partner on a fetish dating website who shares your interest, or who is at least open to obliging your fantasies on occasion. There are many stories on the web of people coming out to their partners with success. Partners usually accept people for who they are in this instance.

How to Start Playing Clowny

If you have a clown fetish, chances are, you haven’t tried playing yet because it’s hard to find people who love the same fetish you do. However, there are ways you can bring it into your sex life. Get a red nose as a joke and have your partner wear it during sex. This could be a gateway to other sexy things like a balloon flogger or getting messy with the previously mentioned pie play.

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