“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.”

-Vera Wang


CFNM stands for clothed female, naked male. It is a fetish in which a typically dominant female leaves her clothes on while the males of the situation must take off their clothes to feel more submissive. It doesn’t always have the tone of someone who is playing with BDSM as some people enjoy it when ladies leave their clothes on simply for the aesthetic purposes while fucking. And of course, while it is less common as a fetish, the reverse can also happen: clothed male naked female. This happens often in male Dom BDSM relationships, but perhaps because that is more usual it isn’t referred to as a specific fetish very much.

Bring it Into Play

If you are interested in trying CFNM, it’s pretty easy to bring into play. You will want to bring some BDSM ideas into play to begin with, so you will perhaps want your male sub to kneel on the floor before telling them to take off their clothes. You can even buy a sexy collar to make them feel even more submissive while they are naked and vulnerable on the ground. Walk around them, rubbing your clothed curves all over him to rub it in even further!


Some people who are politically minded especially enjoy the CFNM type of play because they feel that it puts the usual sexual play types on its head. They feel that they can turn the objectification of women, which happens more usually in society, into the objectification of men which they find more fun since it is actually quite unusual. If you haven’t thought about it in this way before, it might make you want to try it in the bedroom!

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