“I’m not afraid of heights. I just really respect them.”

-James Hausenstein


Acrophilia sounds like something that might mean that you have a fetish for acrobats or something, but it actually means someone who has a fetish for fucking while standing up high on a building or cliff. Well, really it could be just about any high object. This is a fetish that is hard to achieve safely and there is also not that much smut out there, so people who like this fetish may resort to writing erotic stories or keeping hot fantasies in their imaginations. Heights are usually something that people are afraid of, but acrophiliacs just love them!

Getting High

Well, achieving an acrophilia fantasy is actually pretty hard. You could climb to the top of a building that has a public deck on top, but then there would be too many people around. You could hike or rock climb to the top of a cliff, but you’d have to be into that sort of thing and then be very careful not to fall off during the copulation. One thing that people have tried is renting a hotel room in a city where the hotel is definitely high up with a lot of floors in it. They request a room high up and get their kicks that way.

Sex In The Sky

Well there was one pornstar who got famous because she made a porn video while skydiving! She got fucked while high in the air and plummeting to the earth. Now that must have been quite the adrenaline rush. There are also quite a few skydiving sex videos so it is something that people who like that sport do quite often, it seems! This is something that definitely requires quite a bit of expertise so don’t try it unless you know what you are doing.

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