“A bad boy can be very good for a girl.”

-Melissa De La Crux


Hybristophilia sounds like something kind of kooky and complex but it is really what happens when anyone has a thing for the people who are seen as “bad.” Yes, it’s when anyone has a fetish for criminals and get turned on by someone they love committing a crime. In some cases, the partner even gets so turned on that they turn to a life of crime too, as they find the criminality of it so hot. This is often called the “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome, named for the famous couple that went down in lieu of turning themselves in after a string of high profile crimes.

Naughty Is Freakier Than Nice!

Ok, obviously, if you have this fetish, it’s not really a good one to act out for real. While we could debate why things have been labeled crimes and Robin Hooding, that’s not what’s up for discussion. We live in this society that says that many things are completely against the law. And you shouldn’t do those things unless you want to end up in jail, which isn’t very fun. When your tingling sexual desires interfere with your ability to live a usual life, then some might say that is a problem! However, you can always role-play!

Going All The Way

Instead of robbing a jewelry store or something like that, you can always have a blast setting up an elaborate role-play scenario, or even a simple one to start. All role play requires is an outfit and perhaps opening your mouth to tell the story, so you can dirty talk about committing crimes all that you want to get yourself and your partner all hot and bothered. Stay out of jail and do role-playing instead, that way you can enjoy being a bad boy for your girl instead of getting fucked by real bad boys in a cell.

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