“Real men change diapers.”

-Nick Cannon


Infantilism is a fetish filled with people who long for yesteryear, when things were a bit simpler. It is sometimes also known as ABDL. Playing the role of someone who is helpless, who enjoys sucking on pacifiers, wearing diapers and messing them too, or even drinking out of bottles, this is a freaky fetish with a surprisingly large following. Infantilism lovers play with people who know how to take care of them and they seek out experts on the fetish who will truly nurture them the way they used feel to when they were safe in their mom’s arms.

Honey, We’re Shrunk!

Many fanatics of this fetish go so far as to buy giant onesies and bonnets, but the clothing isn’t all that gets put into adult sizes. There are also giant diapers that fit on adults, which come in cute designs with boats or flowers. Some companies will even make custom furniture that will make its owner feel like they have shrunk back to a size they used to be, creating the complete illusion of the fantasy.

Getting Kinky

Some people who love infantilism enjoy sexualizing it with chastity play, because good cuties don’t get naughty. Others love spankings or other punishments for being bad, and still others get a sexual thrill from having their diaper changed. Many also enjoy including bondage into the routine because it gives them that helpless feeling they crave. There are items like pacifier gags, bondage mittens and chastity devices that all help infantilism lovers to get into the proper headspace for play. There are a large portion of people into this fetish, though, who really don’t see it as a sexual thing at all and they just take comfort in wearing diapers, messing them and getting treated in a way that makes them feel completely comfortable.

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