“How embarrassing it is to be human”

-Kurt Vonnegut


Some people believe that humiliation has no place in the bedroom – until they try it at least. Humiliation is often times a part of BDSM play in which the sub is made to do degrading things, like crawl on the floor or drink out of a pet dish, so that they can feel humiliated inside. Name-calling is also a big part of humiliation for some. The words used depend on the particular humiliation needs of the submissive subject. Humiliation isn’t for everyone, but testing the waters the right way can be a truly life altering experience for freaky people who are able to unleash their inner pervert completely.

Set the Stage

Before engaging in humiliation play you need to discuss some limits and boundaries with your submissive. Find out of referring to her as a “worthless whore” is something that will enhance the experience or detract from it, or if it will pierce their interior being and make them feel truly terrible. Ask them what they deem to be humiliating in general terms or find out if they have any hard limits. Some people find getting spit on quite erotic, but not humiliating, while to others, spitting in the face is the most humiliating thing they will ever experience. Know yourself, know your submissive, then decide the best ways to humiliate the fuck out of them.

Be Firm

Newer Dominants are often hesitant to humiliate, unless that is their personal fetish. The main thing to remember when you are starting out with a new humiliation fetish is to be firm and serious in your demeanor. It’s not going to be sexy if you can’t humiliate someone authentically and doing it poorly can quickly destroy the trust your sub has in you. You really have to commit completely to the humiliation, and push any fear you have out of your mind. Humiliation is far more about displaying the confidence of the Dom than the endurance of their submissive. This is your time to shine, and the filthy skank who serves you deserves to be able to recall the experience with great pride in your ability to own their ‘self-esteem’ at least as well as you own a muddy pair of shoes or a disposable bag of snack chips.


Humiliation can be derived from just about anything, but a common theme revolves around owning a submissive toilet slave. They find it humiliating to drink anything out of their mistress’s body or rejoice in the opportunity to clean the bowl for their Dom. Others savor being stepped on and trampled, either by bare feet or heeled shoes, and love the humiliating feeling of being a human rug. Still others find that the simple act of licking pussy or getting jizz all over their face and performing a public cum walk down the street to hit their humiliation buttons beautifully. The key is to find ways to disgust your submissive, and then demand that they take an active part in precisely the things they would otherwise choose to avoid entirely. After all, they are doing this because they want you to be proud of them more than they want to be proud of themselves.

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