“It’s okay to be fat. So you’re fat. Just be fat and shut up about it.”

-Roseanne Barr


Hogging is fun for guys who like fat girls, but it is very different from being someone who is a fat admirer. Fat admirers love BBW chicks and are sexually attracted to them. Hogging guys like fatties because they take joy in shaming them and using their holes for pleasure while treating their hogs like chattel. Fat girls often have lower self-esteem and are willing to do more in bed than a stereotypical thin slut. A lot of times hogging is done by a group of guys who are out on the town. Sometimes they will make a bet as to who can get a girl to do a specifically degrading sex act first.

Why Do People Do It?

Hogging has many purposes. It’s fun for a raucous group of guys to do while they are out and about. Often it feeds into the hazing rituals of campus fraternities and sororities. Also, a lot of times a guy will “take one for the team” and pick up a fat chick to mercy fuck her so she is kept busy while his buddy fucks her hot friend. Many of the people who participate in hogging may actually be fat admirers in disguise, unwilling to admit they are into heavy woman, but far more frequently they are simply interested in using the shame a girl feels about her body as an easy way to convince her to do the dirtiest things he can imagine. They might like the idea of being with a fat chick but are kind of embarrassed of what their friends might say, but getting a fat girl to lick your ass for hours and then drink piss from your toilet seems to make it dominant enough that arrogant friends give you a pass when they find out you are fucking a four hundred pound whore.

Not Very Nice, Is It?

Hogging is not a nice thing to do, but people rationalize it in many ways. The most common is the thought that “she needs to get fucked and nobody would bang her otherwise.” If you are part of a group that is hogging, you should either find a new group of friends, or find heavy girls who get off on being used as submissive cum catchers. It’s also worth pointing out, there are plenty of pretty girls with athletic bodies willing to let you use them for your own sexual enjoyment in any way you want, if you treat her right, so keep that in mind when you see people doing things like hogging fat sluts in the real world.

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