Electricity Play

“Electricity is really just organized lightning”

-George Carlin


Electricity play is any type of sexual play that uses a device, which uses electric current or gives an electric shock. Not everyone enjoys this type of play, but those who do can be quite fanatical about it, because it really is fun once you give it a try. Many say that electricity is a hard limit but it’s only because it sounds scary and they haven’t tried it just yet. There are multiple types of devices that can give electric shocks and currents, and some of them are more painful or pleasurable. Contrary to what many think, electric play with approved devices is actually quite safe and fun.

Shocking Devices

Medical devices often inspire the devices used for shocking electricity play, and sometimes the same devices that use electricity to help patients are the ones used by freaky people like you. A TENS unit is one such device that delivers an adjustable current or shock via almost any kind of device or medical style pads. There are dildos that can go in the pussy, plugs that can go in the ass, nipple clamps and other things that can help to electrify a person. Because it is adjustable, it can run from a low and pleasurable buzz to a mean and nasty shock. There is also the violet wand, which delivers a steady sexy current through a variety of conducting devices which also looks really cool, and different pokers and prods that are definitely more of a punishment because they deliver a quick and painful shock.


Electricity Play can be quite safe. The currents used are usually pretty low compared to what is making your light bulbs work in your home. However, the human body is an electrical device itself and so there is always a risk, especially when running electricity through the chest cavity. Many safety guides state that using electricity above the waist is not a good idea. One time it is definitely not safe is when your electric sub has an electronic device inside of them like a pacemaker or an insulin pump. These people should steer clear of any kind of play with electricity. Any electricity sex play near water is also an obviously bad choice. Be smart, be safe, and live to play another day when you are shocking one orgasm after another out of your submissive playmate.

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