Erotic Massage

“Every point of contact between us feels important. A rush of energy and relief.”

-Victoria Roth


A massage is a wonderful thing. Most people know what a massage is, but an erotic massage is slightly different. This is when you and your partner turn what would just be a friendly massage that could occur between just about anyone into a hot massage that turns sexual and sensual. Usually erotic massage start out just like regular ones but then the massage continues onto the most sensitive bits of the body that most professional massage therapists would skip over. You don’t have to be a professional masseur as is quite easy to massage the pussy, ass or cock and elicit a pleasurable sensation. The nipples are also a favorite erogenous area for an erotic massage.

It Can Be Therapeutic

For many who have sexual anxiety or dysfunction, an erotic massage can be a form of therapy to help the person feel more confident sexually. Many erotic dysfunctions are caused by worry or stress about the ability to perform, so pairing up a relaxing massage with sexual arousal can be very helpful. In many cases, giving an erotic massage without release before a sexual encounter can help the massage subject achieve a more steady arousal through the main part of the sexual intercourse, until release at a mutually agreeable point is achieved.

The History of Massage and the Female Orgasm

In earlier times in history, women would go hysterical, largely because no one believed that their sexual needs were important. Doctors discovered that through a very specific type of massage on the pubic mound, women could be relieved of their hysteria. However, this job took hours and so they often taught the women’s husbands how to do it, or referred them to a midwife. With the advent of electricity, electric massagers were invented and the time to do the complex medical procedure went down to minutes.

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