Fake Boobs

“If god had wanted women to have giant fake boobs he’d be a lot like my brother.”

-Dana Gould


Fake boobs are what happens when a girl goes under the knife to get her chest surgically enhanced. Fake boobs are an awesome addition to any woman because if they weren’t given the genetic gifts they were hoping for, they can always get them whenever they want them! People get fake tits for many reasons. Pornstars and strippers get them so that they can be more popular and successful in their careers. Other women get them so that they can feel good about themselves, and some people get them to make their partners happy. Whatever your reason for getting fake boobs, it’s always a fun thing to see.

Fake Tit Pornstars

So many pornstars have fake tits. Some of the most popular ones with giant out of this world knockers include Sophie Dee, who has gorgeous fake 36F tits. She didn’t always have them and got her new tits just to start doing porn. Another porn actress with fake tits is Eva Notty. Hers are quite large, being an H cup. They are unbelievable to look at – and just imagine how good they must feel! Most people agree that MILF Sara Jay also got a good deal out of her giant E cup fake boobs. They are outrageously large but they don’t look terribly unnatural. They have helped to turn her into the star that she is today.Finally, Jayden James is another cutie who had her tits upgraded to an E cup to satisfy her fans.

To Do or Not To Do

Only the person getting fake tits should be the one deciding if they should get them. Sometimes people try to pressure others into getting them because they think it will look hot, but the person who has them is the one who is going to have to deal with them for the rest of their lives. Big tits come with problems. It’s harder to exercise and back problems can develop too. You can certainly bring it up with your partner or favorite pornstar, but don’t put the pressure on because in general, that’s not considered too nice!

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