“Somewhere between fear and sex passion lives.”

-Jeanette Winterson


Erotophobia is actually a fear of sex or anything sexual. Why would we include this here, well, many fetishes are actually created out of a fear of sex. No matter what you feel, this is certainly an interesting fear that affects some freaky situations. Some people have fear of nude pics, or a fear of talking about sex, while others have a full on fear of fucking and they won’t let anything near their pussy or dick. It’s kind of like that one friend you have who can’t say the word penis or vagina and has to use those cute nicknames like va-jay-jay, but turned up to the max.

Fear Is More Than Just A Dislike

Erotophobia is often mistaken for other things that are absolutely not a fear of sex. People who are asexual may not ever feel the need or interest in having sex, and that doesn’t mean they have a fear of it. You never know what is going on inside of someone’s head, and just because they don’t show an interest in fucking or hot stuff doesn’t mean they are afraid. There are many reasons why people don’t engage in sex whether for biological or personal reasons. It’s also very easy to mistake this fear as present in people who are simply quite conservative. They may have been conditioned to abhor sex, and even though they have it in certain situations, they probably never talk about it.

Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

This fear might encompass several other fears within it. There could be a basic fear of intimacy. There could also be genophobia, which is the fear of actual intercourse. This can be especially present in first timers. We have all laughed at some “never nude” characters in sitcoms, but for others this is a reality. Having sex is pretty hard when you are terrified of taking off your clothes all the way. Many people think this fear arises if people have been taught that their sexual urges are bad. We believe that everyone should be told that sex is awesome, so they don’t become afraid to get their groove on and be as freaky as they want to be!

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