“It’s sweet, sexy, and cleansing.”

-Chef Mario Batali


An enema involves shooting water or sometimes other substances into your butt, letting it stew inside your colon and then flushing it out of your ass by releasing it as a geyser of liquid. It is not always done as part of sexual play. Many people use enemas solely for the health benefits, but it can also be quite alluring as a sexual practice. Many suggest giving your anal sex partner an enema in preparation for anal play, to make sure everything comes out clean and sexy – especially for fans of ass to mouth sex. Advanced freaks and kinksters also make the enema itself part of the sex session, using the water pressure and uncomfortable feeling of holding it in as a way to teach any sassy sub to regret their mistakes. Unlike other forms of obedience training, enema play leaves no mark on the body, though extreme enema sessions can absolutely leave scars on one’s soul.

What Makes Enemas So Sexy?

Some people turn up their noses at anything that has to do with things that come out of the intestines when it comes to sex. Others understand it as a unique way to see a side of your partner that you are unlikely to reveal by any other means. A large part of the joy of enema play comes from having your partner’s abdomen full of water with no permission to allow it to escape. Just imagine filling up your naughty sub with water, plugging their hole closed and explaining that even more punishment is on the way if they allow even a single drop to spill out of their ass before you allow it. The submissive’s willingness to obey can be thoroughly tested, and that gives them the ability to prove they loves you with actions that matter far more than words. Love is sexy, in all its forms.


Enemas can be good for your health, but they can also wreak havoc if you do them too often or have health issues prior to starting them. Doing too many enemas may strip your intestines of the healthy bacteria that live inside you. They can also throw off the balance of your electrolytes or have other negative health effects. It’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before engaging in any unusual sex acts if your health is otherwise compromised. It’s also a good idea to put a touch of salt into your water enema. If you want an enema to be soothing, brew up some chamomile tea (check the ingredients to make sure it is only chamomile), and mix the tea with water in your enema bag.

Novice Vs. Expert Enema Play

Like many other aspects of freaky sex, there is a huge difference between a first timer trying novice enema play and an experienced couple who are already several thousand gallons down the path toward watery bliss in life. Know your role, understand your experience level and play accordingly. There is plenty of time to fill her ass like an aquarium and see if she can hold it for hours – start off slow and simple, to ensure everyone is healthy enough to do it again next time.

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