Dirty Talk

“Talk dirty to me.”

-Common Adage


Dirty talk is just what is sounds like. It is when you talk out loud all of the nasty things you have been thinking about doing to your lover all damn day long and you try to get the words out just in the way you have been thinking about them. It usually involves discussing just what you want to do with your lover, and it can also involve descriptions about what you find hot about their bodies. Dirty talk can be hard at first but it is a skill that you can learn if you want to try. The way to learn is simply by exercising your creative dirty talk muscles.

Dirty Talk Tips

If you want to try dirty talk the best tip we can give you is to just be yourself and try to relax. That is how the words are going to flow out of you the best. If you want some inspiration, pick your favorite porn movie and describe that to your girl. You can also use inspiration from past sex sessions to fuel your verbal fire. Start by saying “remember that time we…” and then go on from there. If your girl is into it, then you will know quite quickly and be able to play off of their excitement for more inspiration!

When Dirty Talk Doesn’t Work

There are some times when dirty talk just isn’t appropriate. For example, if you start doing it and your partner just doesn’t seem into it, it’s probably good to just stop and then ask them what is going on with them. Another time it’s not appropriate is if you try to do it over the phone and your partner is at work or says they are busy. It’s embarrassing if they have to get up from their desk with a big stiffie or a wet spot on their chair for everyone to see!

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