“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”

-Charles Dickens


Dacrophylia is a fancy word for someone who is aroused by crying. No one really knows exactly why some people find this a turn on, but many suspect it is because of the vulnerability shown in the emotional release. While bringing someone to tears from pain is common in a BDSM play session, this unique fetish doesn’t always have to do with a dominant and submissive relationship dynamic. Some people cry from extreme love or just from watching a sad movie, and this may turn on a dacrophyliac partner. In many instances freaks are seeking an elusive Crygasm, where their partner is so overcome by sexual bliss that they begin to weep openly at a point where sexual gratification and emotional catharsis collide in perfect harmony.

Tears For Fears

How do you make someone cry? Some ways are nice and some not so much. Which ones you choose to play with really depend on the type of relationship you have. Some strict tops believe that slapping their sub in the face repeatedly is a cruel but effective way to bring them to tears. Others enjoy bringing their sub to tears through verbal humiliation that makes them feel worthless. When BDSM is not involved, the couple may watch emotional videos together to elicit tears or even use household activities like cutting onions to cause tears to flow.

Don’t Cry For Me

In most Crygasm sessions the submissive is not crying because of the Dom or even for the Dom. Instead they are using sex to bring out deeper emotions and are attempting to leave behind their emotional baggage by replacing sense memories of their unpleasant past with far more eroticized new memories formed together with the Dom they adore. Being told your mother never loved you and bursting into tears at the height of orgasm is for many freaks the fastest way to get beyond the frailties of their early feelings of inadequacy or grief.

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