“My wife is a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.”

– Les Dawson


If you find that your honey objects every time you want to have sex, you may be in for a hot cuckolding fantasy. This is when a guy’s female partner, often known as a hotwife or cuckoldress, denies him sex, usually because he is too weak and pathetic to please her. She goes out and finds other hot guys who know how to pleasure her with their superior dicks. The cuckold might just know that the Dominant woman is going out to find better cock, but he might also watch her get pleasured by a better dick than the one he has. Sometimes cuck play is also used in conjunction with BDSM concepts like chastity and bondage. Often times the sub guy has his dick locked up since it’s of no use anyways, or he will get tied up while watching the hot sex so he doesn’t touch his worthless cock without permission.


In the first usage of the term cuckolding, it wasn’t so kinky. It usually just denoted a guy who was getting cheated on in the middle ages. There is a famous mention of the word in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Miller’s tale. However, slowly over time it came to be a fetish instead of just a word. No one knows exactly when people started to get kinky with this act, but it’s pretty popular now!

Why Would He?

Why would any guy willingly give up access to his lady’s pussy? While, some guys get off on being submissive and humiliated. Sometimes this desire just comes up naturally, and other times it stems from experiences early on in life. Still other people say that they actually do have really small and useless cocks and being a cuck helps them feel useful to their partners. One thing is for sure – the cuck needs to have a sexually submissive nature. Some people think cucks just want to escape the stresses of every day life, while others who follow a Freudian school of thought believe that is it a sexualization of the constant evolutionary struggle that men go through all the time to prove their Dominance.

Is it cheating?

When people hear of cuckolding, some of them can’t believe that such a thing would exist and that people would participate willingly. But, there are actually quite a few types of lifestyles like swinging and polyamory, which involve partners willingly and consensually having sex with others outside of the relationship. If everyone is in the know and agrees to everything, then it’s really not cheating, and it’s actually a whole lot of fun.

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