Cum Worship

“I’m not a religious man, but I do worship your ass.”

-Randi Black

Cum On Ass

Cum on the ass is a freaky fetish that involves blowing your load of jizz all over a beautiful girl’s ass when you are done fucking her. It can be done after a pussy fuck or an ass fuck, and all you have to do is pull out quickly when you feel you are ready to squirt some cum and make sure your babe is on her stomach so her ass is face up. There is something oddly satisfying about cumming on the ass, because it is like marking your territory. Just be careful not to let the jizz drip near the pussy if you want to avoid pregnancy.

Cum on Feet

The feet are a delectable part of the body for many people. Some people like to get footjob, which is where they rub their cock in between a pair of cute feet. Other people simply like to look at them and spew their load of jizz on them, which is a whole lot of fun. Feet look especially cute covered in cum and especially if they are on some hot girl who takes good care of her toes and covers the nails in great and colorful pedicures.

Cum on Tits

One of the favorite parts of the body of everyone is a girl’s tits. They range from small to outrageously large. It only makes sense that if a girl is on her knees sucking your raging erection that you would want to release your jizz onto her knockers when she has done such a good job sucking your dick that you explode onto them. They look great when they’re clean, but they look even better when creamy cum is glistening all over them.

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