“…while finding true love was one of the most splendid things that could happen to you in life, finding a friend was equally splendid.”

-Feliz Palma


Homoromantic is a term that falls under the aromantic umbrella. It is a combination of the prefix homo-, meaning “same”, and romantic. As such, it refers to people that feel romantic attraction towards the same gender as them.

Breaking The Attraction Binary

Terms like homoromantic can be seen as breaking the gay/straight binary. Millennials are rejecting the old tropes and throwing constricting labels to the curb by stacking multiple orientations and identities together. An example could be an identity such as a bisexual homoromantic, which would mean this person can be sexually attracted to more than one gender, but experiences romantic attraction only to someone of their own gender.

Sexuality & Romance

Though the mainstream doesn’t often register romance as being mutually exclusive from sex, homoromantic identities are proof that it can be. Everyone knows you can have sex without romance, be it with a one night stand from Tinder, or like in the common trope of friends with benefits. Homoromantic people can enjoy a romantic relationship with someone of their own gender without sexual feelings necessarily getting in the way. The ace and aro spectrums show us that who we are sexually attracted to (if anyone at all) doesn’t have anything to do with who we are or aren’t romantically attracted to.

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“I have too many fantasies to be a housewife. I guess I am a fantasy.”

-Marilyn Monroe


A housewife is a woman who just stays at home and takes care of the house. In olden days she would really clean and cook all kinds of elaborate meals, to have everything perfect for her husband. These days a housewife can be more like a kept woman who might go to yoga class with her girlfriends and then stays at home all day trying to figure out what to do. Because of this she might get bored and get up to something naughty with the gardener, the plumber and the electrician, either separately or all together – at least in porn! There are also other housewife fantasies including Hot Wives, which is a subset of the cuckold fantasy, and any combination of lesbian housewives going at it too!

Hot Wives

Hot Wives are usually housewives who are allowed by their husbands to fuck whoever they want. Their hubbies might have tiny cocks or maybe they just get off on seeing their wives getting fucked by other men. Sometimes they’d like to see their wives getting pounded by a big black cock which is not something that they can provide. Other times they don’t care who it is, they just want to see their wife getting what she wants and deserves in the form of hot fucking.


The more common trope of a housewife is to see her cheating on her hubby and getting into all sorts of crazy trouble when her man is at work. If you have a hot wife, don’t go on too many business trips or leave her alone all day with nothing to do! Otherwise she might become a pornstar or become willing to fuck anyone that crosses her path, whether it is her yoga buddies or the hired help!

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“Her, me, whipped cream, handcuffs. Any questions?”

-Jerry Lawler


Handcuffs are a device used by law enforcement to restrain prisoners. There are a few different types of handcuffs, but most of them actually unlock with a common key. They are mostly made out of metal, and held together with chain or a hinge. Handcuffs were first created in the Bronze Age, but they weren’t adjustable the way they are today, which led to a lot of escapees! The modern swing hinge ones that are completely adjustable were created around the turn of the century, meaning that less people could try to pick the locks and escape.

Types of Handcuffs

Most handcuffs are metal although there are also plastic ones. There are rigid handcuffs which are the most strict and do not allow the prisoner any freedom of motion at all. Instead of a flexible chain between the two cuffs they have a hard piece of plastic or metal and are quite cruel. Plastic cuffs mostly look like cable ties, and they can be snipped with scissors. They are often used on people at protests and are also quite cruel because they can be done up very tightly.

Handcuff Safety

While handcuffs are actually quite a common thing to use for basic bondage players, they are actually one of the more harsh devices you can use. This is because they are thin metal. You should never suspend someone from handcuffs, even though you may have seen it in a movie. In addition you should be aware that putting handcuffs on someone too tightly can cause them some nerve damage that might even last forever. If you’re a bondage beginner it would be better to play with some leather or neoprene cuffs that will be just as restrictive but more comfortable for your prisoner.

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“Hazing is not breaking the rules. It is the rule itself.”

-Alexander Golts


Hazing is a practice that often occurs at college when someone first joins a sports team or a fraternity or sorority. Outside of fetish context, hazing can get pretty gross and mean, however, there are actually some people who have a hazing fetish. It might have been brought on by some experience in college, or it might just be brought on by people thinking about how hot it would be to be dominated by whole groups of mean guys and gals. Hazing often involves a lot of things related to BDSM like bondage, blindfolds, submission games and spanking games as well, so it only makes sense that people might like to act out a hazing fantasy.

Hazing Rituals

If you want to try hazing, you can do it all alone with one partner or you can get a group of sexy friends together. If you want to be the submissive or the subject of the hazing, you should tell your friends about the aspects of your fantasy and hopefully they can devise something that you will enjoy. You should always play hazing games with a safeword because it is very similar to BDSM play and things might start to get real. A big theme in hazing porn is the sub is naked and everyone else keeps their clothes on, so that is a great place to start! From there you can get into some humiliation games and other kinky things.

Hazing Porn

Even if you are into hazing, you might not be able to find someone who can fulfill your fantasies right away. Luckily for you there are actually so many porn sites and videos dedicated to the art of hazing and showing fantasy hazing scenes both with hot pornstars and sweet amateurs. There are also plenty of erotic hazing stories to read and photo sets of hazing. Some people get off on reading real news stories about hazing incidents that didn’t end as well as they do in the fantasies.

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“Give a man a free hand and he’ll run it all over you.”

-Mae West


A handjob is one of the most basic sex acts possible. It is when someone takes their hand and uses it to jerk off a cock. It’s kind of like masturbation, but it is when someone else does it. There are lots of different positions that handjobs can take, and different techniques to be used. If it is done in the context of a massage parlor, the handjob is known as a happy ending. The handjob can include both the penis and the balls, or just one or the other. The important part is that the guy spews his load!

Hand Positions and Technique

There are endless positions and ways to give a handjob, but one important technique is to use some lubrication. It can be oil, sexual lubricant or even spit, but most guys like something to give their dicks a little slip and slide feeling. You can position your hand naturally, but if you think about the angle a dude would masturbate from and then put your hand in that direction, you can usually impress a guy on the first try. Some dudes love to get a handjob from someone who is on their knees because then when they splooge it goes all over their face!

Jerk Off Instructions – JOI

With so many holes available on different people why would you choose to have someone get you off with their hands? Well, for one thing, there isn’t any fluid exchange with a handjob, so the risk of infection or pregnancy is very low, especially if the cum doesn’t go in or near the mouth. Many also appreciate the dominant sensation of having a girl stroke your dick or telling you how she wants to see you stroke it yourself with nasty jerk off instructions of her own. It’s a great option for people who don’t know each other very well. There is also a special hotness to a girl who really knows what she is doing, well enough to get a cock off with only her hands and the naughty things she whispers!

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“It’s okay to be fat. So you’re fat. Just be fat and shut up about it.”

-Roseanne Barr


Hogging is fun for guys who like fat girls, but it is very different from being someone who is a fat admirer. Fat admirers love BBW chicks and are sexually attracted to them. Hogging guys like fatties because they take joy in shaming them and using their holes for pleasure while treating their hogs like chattel. Fat girls often have lower self-esteem and are willing to do more in bed than a stereotypical thin slut. A lot of times hogging is done by a group of guys who are out on the town. Sometimes they will make a bet as to who can get a girl to do a specifically degrading sex act first.

Why Do People Do It?

Hogging has many purposes. It’s fun for a raucous group of guys to do while they are out and about. Often it feeds into the hazing rituals of campus fraternities and sororities. Also, a lot of times a guy will “take one for the team” and pick up a fat chick to mercy fuck her so she is kept busy while his buddy fucks her hot friend. Many of the people who participate in hogging may actually be fat admirers in disguise, unwilling to admit they are into heavy woman, but far more frequently they are simply interested in using the shame a girl feels about her body as an easy way to convince her to do the dirtiest things he can imagine. They might like the idea of being with a fat chick but are kind of embarrassed of what their friends might say, but getting a fat girl to lick your ass for hours and then drink piss from your toilet seems to make it dominant enough that arrogant friends give you a pass when they find out you are fucking a four hundred pound whore.

Not Very Nice, Is It?

Hogging is not a nice thing to do, but people rationalize it in many ways. The most common is the thought that “she needs to get fucked and nobody would bang her otherwise.” If you are part of a group that is hogging, you should either find a new group of friends, or find heavy girls who get off on being used as submissive cum catchers. It’s also worth pointing out, there are plenty of pretty girls with athletic bodies willing to let you use them for your own sexual enjoyment in any way you want, if you treat her right, so keep that in mind when you see people doing things like hogging fat sluts in the real world.

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“Looks like you get off on picking up a few souvenirs when you…get off.”

-Jordan Castillo Price


A hickey is a mark left after sexual activity, usually on the neck, by a kiss that involves heavy sucking. It can sometimes look like a bruise, but more often than not it looks like a slight abrasion. A hickey is caused by the sucking action, which on the delicate skin of the neck can break the blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Hickeys tend to last for up to 2 weeks, depending on the severity, and if you want to get rid of them faster you can try to put some Arnica gel on them or put other salves that are meant to help alleviate bruising. Often a symbol of a first romance, and rarely seen on older adults, there is also a growing fetish community of freaks who find deeper meaning in the shape, size, color or duration of the marks themselves.


Hickeys are something that everyone can see, and they are pretty obvious about their origins, so it’s really not polite to give someone a hockey in an area that is plainly visible to the public, or if they are married and fucking you on the down low. If you do want to leave a mark, you should definitely ask if leaving a hickey is OK before you do it. If your mate is not OK with it, you can ask if you can leave one where other people can’t see. Often they can be covered by a well-placed scarf or turtleneck until it goes away. You can also put cover up on it to hide it away, especially when it is a bit lighter, but many relationships have ended abruptly because one mate left a mark on the other without asking ahead of time.

Urban Legends About Clotting

There has been an urban legend going around that you can actually die from getting a hickey, or too many hickeys. Some have said that the sucking and bruising in the neck can create a blood clot, which is not a good thing for anyone, since it can travel to your brain or lungs and really do some great damage. Up until recently this story was really just an urban legend, but there is some truth to health concerns with anyone who may have a clotting disorder or other health issue. Again, always discuss it ahead of time, and heed the warnings a doctor gives you if relevant.

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Hyper/Hypo Sexuality

“Nymphomaniac: A woman that has more sex than you.”

-Dossie Eaton


Sometimes people have more or less sex than what people consider being usual, and for the most part that’s OK. However, some people feel that this can become a problem in life, which is when it is known as hypersexuality – when someone has too much sex – or hyposexuality – when they don’t have any sex. At one time hypersexuality was known as nymphomania, and you may have heard the term nymphos being used to describe people, especially women, who like to have sex a lot, but it’s an incorrect term to be used unless a doctor or mental health professional has diagnosed it.

When Sex Is A Problem

Having sex isn’t a problem unless you think it is! If you do think your libido has become an issue for you, go to a trusted health professional so they can check on your hormone and endocrine systems to see if there is something internal going on with your sex drive. Sometimes when someone is not interested in sex, which is hyposexuality, there can be other things at play, like depression or other mental health issues. Many times different medications prescribed for other health issues can be the cause of such a problem too. More people feel like hyposexuality is an issue than the opposite side of the pendulum, but others are simply just not as sexually voracious, and that’s OK with them!

Symptoms of Other Things

As previously mentioned, sometimes these types of behaviors are symptoms of other problems. For example, a lack of interest in sex could be indicative of depression. However, having a lot of sex could be an indicator of borderline personality disorder. The main thing to remember is that if you’ve always been a certain way, it’s probably not a problem, but if your behavior, or that of someone you know, changes rapidly, then you might be worried. However, to be honest, everyone’s behavior fluctuates a lot in life!

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Hanky Code

“I’d rather break stones on the king’s highway than hem a handkerchief.”

-Anne Sullivan


Hanky Code is a special code devised by freaky people and used to tell other kinksters what they are into without even talking to them. Clearly this code was developed before the Internet was around as the primary way people could interact without talking. People would put different colored hankies in their pockets depending on what their tastes are. Each color means a different thing, and whether you would put it on the left or right side of your pants would mean you are a top or bottom for that topic. It is popular in both the BDSM community and the gay sex community.

Practical Examples

Left usually denotes that the person is a top and right usually means that the person is a bottom. Some sources have varying colors but according to most, the basic codes are all the same. When you get into complex shades things can get a little bit dicey, but here are some basic ones that anyone can use. If you are wearing a black hanky it means you are into heavy S&M and if you wear it on the left or right tells people whether you are the Dom or sub. Other popular colors include red, which means fisting and light blue, which means blowjobs.


If you wear your hanky tied to your middle belt loop then you can let everyone know that you are basically a switch or a versatile player. If you don’t have pants that have pockets you can also wear a hanky tied around your wrist or your ankle. You can even wear it attached to a keychain or something like that if you don’t want to commit to wearing it at all times. People can even wear it as a fashionable neckerchief with the tie going towards the left or right depending on what signal they want to give off. The key thing to remember is that you are sending signals whether you intend to or not, and learning the right ways to declare your sexually silently can help you avoid a lot of awkward situations.

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“Pubic Hair is no substitute for wit.”

-JB Priestley


It’s only natural that someone has hair down there, however, in the past few decades the style has been that people would shave their pussies until they were free of hair. In recent years, people have even been using lasers to remove hair from their pussy permanently. However, some freaks love a good thick longhaired muff, especially when it is accompanied by a full stash of hair in the armpits and perhaps some leg hair as well on a lady. Hairy people are more free and they are just more accepting of who they are. Scents and flavors get trapped more easily in these hairy hideaways!

Finding a Hairy Lady

How do you find the hairy lady of your dreams? Well, there are actually online dating sites that cater to this specific niche. The only ladies allowed on them are the ones who don’t shave their snatches or their pits. They have to have a certain level of hairiness to be considered. Have yourself a blast browsing their profiles and get to know the one you like the most. You can also look at hairy girl porn, of which there is plenty. Fetish sites dedicated to hairy chicks do a very good job of finding the hottest ones.

Convincing Your Gal to Go Hairy

When you have a fetish for other people being hairy, it can be hard to convince them that stopping shaving is a good idea. However, if you just bring it up with a partner they will probably be open to it since people love to pleasure their partners and a lot of people get off more just knowing that you find something sexy. And, it’s not like they will have to do something that is a big chore, they will simply have to stop shaving that is one less thing to take care of in the shower or bath! They will probably love it.

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