“Her, me, whipped cream, handcuffs. Any questions?”

-Jerry Lawler


Handcuffs are a device used by law enforcement to restrain prisoners. There are a few different types of handcuffs, but most of them actually unlock with a common key. They are mostly made out of metal, and held together with chain or a hinge. Handcuffs were first created in the Bronze Age, but they weren’t adjustable the way they are today, which led to a lot of escapees! The modern swing hinge ones that are completely adjustable were created around the turn of the century, meaning that less people could try to pick the locks and escape.

Types of Handcuffs

Most handcuffs are metal although there are also plastic ones. There are rigid handcuffs which are the most strict and do not allow the prisoner any freedom of motion at all. Instead of a flexible chain between the two cuffs they have a hard piece of plastic or metal and are quite cruel. Plastic cuffs mostly look like cable ties, and they can be snipped with scissors. They are often used on people at protests and are also quite cruel because they can be done up very tightly.

Handcuff Safety

While handcuffs are actually quite a common thing to use for basic bondage players, they are actually one of the more harsh devices you can use. This is because they are thin metal. You should never suspend someone from handcuffs, even though you may have seen it in a movie. In addition you should be aware that putting handcuffs on someone too tightly can cause them some nerve damage that might even last forever. If you’re a bondage beginner it would be better to play with some leather or neoprene cuffs that will be just as restrictive but more comfortable for your prisoner.

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