“The gloves are like a second skin.”

-Imogen Heap


Gloves are a type of garment worn on the hands. They probably originated as a way to keep warm, but now there are gloves of many types, and many of them are quite sexual in nature. Others are more functional and help people get many different jobs done. There are gloves that help people out with fetishes, ones that help people have safer sex, and others that simply look great. You can wear gloves to keep you warm in the winter, or wear them to make sure you don’t give someone a scratch on the inside of their pussy or asshole with your sharp fingernails.

Safer Sex

Gloves are great for safer sex. If you are touching someone’s asshole, especially if you don’t know them that well, you will probably want to wear a glove made out of latex or nitrile. That’s because they will protect you from particles of gross substances getting onto your fingers and preventing you from having the best time possible, since you do not want to get any fecal matter on other body parts or holes. Plus, if you’ve got a medical fetish then the snapping of a latex glove against a wrist is something that probably gives you a big boner. Gloves of any kind are fun, but knowing that they also have a useful purpose is wonderful too.

Other Fetish Gloves

If you are into BDSM, there are gloves that can help you reach your goals. There are vampire gloves which have some tiny spikes on them that make touching someone else a beautifully sensual experience. They also have weighted leather gloves that make any spanking experience even more painful and ass reddening. Many dominatrixes wear half gloves to make their looks complete and they look very hot!

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