“To become wise, one must “wish” to have certain experiences and run, as it were, into their gaping jaws. This, of course, is very dangerous; many a wise guy has been swallowed.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche


Gaping is a pretty special phenomenon that can happen to an asshole or pussy when it has been very well used for a long period of time by large objects. After the objects get removed the muscles of the asshole are so relaxed and wide that the hole stays open, giving it a very unique appearance. It looks wide open and it can often close up and open back up again pretty easily. Some people never really achieve this gaping status simply because they aren’t open to stretching out their holes so strongly, but others, many of them amazing pornstars, don’t mind showing everyone the inside of their intestines.


What you should also know about is the not so fun side of anal sex and gaping which is when it goes a step too far. That is called prolapse and it’s basically when the inside of the asshole comes out. Some people love it and others think it is absolutely gross, but either way, it’s not exactly great for your health. If you prolapse one too many times you may need surgery to keep everything working properly back there. While there are some people who have a fetish for this, it is a well kept secret in the porn biz that prolapse can be bad for you so be careful when you do it!

Relaxing Not Pushing

Contrary to popular belief, gaping is all about relaxing the anus, not pushing anything out. It happens when your muscles are so stretched out and wide open that they can relax to the max. You will always find gaping to be easier when you can just relax, but not push your asshole open. It doesn’t come naturally, so if you want to impress someone you can practice with buttplugs or dildos to make sure your gape is on point.

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