Girl Fucks Guy

“I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, Okay.”



Girl fucks guy is one of the most basic formulas for sex around. The only one that is more basic than this is when a guy fucks a girl. Girl fucks guy is when a chick takes the lead. She might use a strap-on dildo to peg her man or she may simply hop on top and start giving the orders. This type of girl doesn’t mind ordering a guy around. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Sometimes people refer to cowgirl position sex as a girl fucking a guy, but often the guy is really in charge, so beware of porn movies with such misleading descriptions. If you’re looking for girls who take charge, there’s plenty of that out there too.

Finding an In Charge Chick

If you want to find a girl who isn’t afraid of being in charge, you only have to ask her. There are online dating sites that put a girl’s interests right in the forefront that will let you know if she enjoys to be in charge and be the one doing the fucking. In charge babes might put that they are interested in femdom or simply that they like to hold the reins. There is also something called a female-led relationship (FLR), which is where the girl calls the shots in every area of the relationship.

Best Positions

When a girl rides your dick she is directly on top of you. This is a great position for fucking because she can control the pressure on her G-spot, and a lot of women can have some good orgasms this way. A great position for strap-on play or pegging with a guy are with the guy on his back and his legs up. This is a nice, comfortable way for a man to get fucked and often the dildo can go in a bit deeper this way. Otherwise a guy can be on all fours and stick his ass out for the girl’s fake cock.

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