“Art is the objectification of feeling.”

-Herman Melville


Forniphilia is an extreme form of bondage that turns someone into a literal piece of furniture. It takes a very obedient and strong submissive who can hold the same position for a while, or complex devices that have been tested for safety. Of course, turning someone into a table is quite easy, as you can just ask them to get on their hands and knees, however, a large part of the fun for many is the tight bondage and extreme objectification that takes place.


No one really knows when forniphilia originated, but anyone who is a fan of it knows that it was popularized by the late bondage artist and genius Jeff Gord who created a whole world of extreme bondage and objectifying devices in his unique and distinctive style. In his eyes, forniphilia represents art, as no one has been able to capture it before. Statues try to objectify the female form, but forniphilia captures it – quite literally. While most people aren’t quite as flexible or durable as Gord’s amazing and unique models, they can still experiment with forms of forniphilia.

It’s All About Objectification

Yes, people enjoy the bondage aspect of this unique fetish, but what they really love is the objectification and power play. To be turned into an object by your top can be very hot for some. No one knows exactly why, but it is certainly related to why people enjoy being called a slut or whore in the bedroom, which is a less extreme form of objectification. Any form of objectification can be sexy to try for anyone – guys and girls alike, as long as they enjoy being submissive. Always check in with a partner after or even during anything involving objectification to make sure they are still enjoying themselves.

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