Foot Fetish

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Foot fetish includes anyone who is obsessed with feet. There are many different foot fetish niches people enjoy and while some have varied interests, others are only aroused by narrowly defined aspects of foot play. Some enjoy large feet, while others prefer small ones. Many are fastidiously clean while others enjoy dirty peds. Some foot fetishists prefer a specific type of shoe, and purists prefer barefoot play. Foot fetish play can extend far beyond the foot itself with licking feet, massage rituals, trampling and many other sexual acts as logical extensions of the enjoyment. There are many ways to enjoy a foot fetish, and they are all completely valid!

Why People Love Feet

Some foot fetishists claim they were created that way. Others say that seeing sexy women in high heels was their first clue that feet were something special. Many feel their sexual interest defies simple definitions; they simply can’t ignore the siren song of a beautiful set of of toes. Feet aren’t something we usually see or touch when meeting strangers, and they can be a bit taboo since some feel lower extremities are stinky and gross. Why someone loves feet is far less important than how they love feet!

Anatomy of a Foot Job

So you’re falling for a foot fetishist and you want to know how to pleasure them. If you want to give someone a footjob, add some lube to the cock in question and rub your feet in hand-like motions. Be aware of the soft skin on the soles of your feet, the rougher sensation from a firm anklebone, the grip of your toes. Understanding your own body fully first is an essential area of self-education for anyone attempting to pleasure others. It feels especially good to rub the cock in the gap that is created by the delicate arches of the feet. Feet can even be stuck into orifices like a girlfriend’s pussy or her asshole, but be careful because the bigger the foot the harder it is to shove it in all the way and get it back out without incident. Make sure that you put a condom over the foot to avoid any scratching or lacerations from toenails, and prepare yourself for the sheer joy of finally having your entire foot deep in her gaping ass.

How To Reply To Critics

The best way to handle people that find foot fetish to be abnormal is to educate them with a patient, kind but firm approach in order to help free them of their misconceptions. There will always be some people who are so closed-minded that they prefer not to understand any uncommon ways to find joy in life. When encountering someone of that sort, quietly pity them and try to be compassionate, for they know not what they are missing.

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