Fire Play

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us, but we can’t strike them all by ourselves.”

-Laura Esquivel


Fire play has to do with fire used in sexual ways, and there aren’t many people who do it very often, but those who do enjoy the fetish practice frequently to master the flames and their submissive partners simultaneously. Having the right tools, understanding proper safety techniques and learning when to raise or lower the intensity is the difference between an impressive flourish of flame during a performance, and an unplanned trip to the emergency room with dire consequences.

Burn it Up

Most people use 70% isopropyl alcohol for fuel during fireplay, but they can also use other forms including 91% isopropyl alcohol, grain alcohol and flash cotton. The most common forms of fire play are called bouncing and streaking. Bouncing is when a fire wand is bounced along the skin, usually the ass. This does not involve the fuel for fire being placed on the person’s body. With streaking, the fuel is applied to the skin, often in a beautiful pattern, and lit up, but put out before it has a chance to burn the skin. Some fire tops will allow slight burning of the skin on purpose to leave a mark.

Trust is Key

When done correctly fireplay doesn’t cause serious harm, and it doesn’t leave marks unless the top intends it. So why do people do it if it’s not a painful punishment? Well, those who enjoy fire play feel a greater level of trust and intimacy, along with a healthy dose of showmanship that can bring up the energy level of any munch, orgy or BDSM scene. That being said, you should only do a fireplay scene with someone that you know very well and who you trust strongly. It’s not the kind of thing to do on a first date. It can be fun with those you trust, but if the trust isn’t there, it leads to a very scary and dangerous situation indeed.

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