“A fetish is a story masquerading as an object.”

-Robert Stoller


Having a fetish usually means that you can’t get off unless you have your favored (or fetishized) object, body part or person in mind, or unless you perform a specific action that is highly arousing to you. Fetishes used to be considered psychological problems until very recently. No one knows quite how fetishes develop, and some fetishists feel they were just created that way, but many believe that experiences early on in life can help form them. Some more spiritual people think that fetishes can be related to powerful experiences in a past life. Whatever you believe, if you have a fetish, you have probably gone to great lengths to seek it out!

Examples of Fetishes

There are many different kinds of fetishes. Some of them have to do with clothing. You can have a fetish for a certain material, like latex, or for a specific garment, like a corset. You can also have a fetish for a body part. One of the most common ones is having a foot fetish. You can love bare feet, or even feet in shoes. There can be fetishes for muscles, for breasts, for asses, and even for inanimate objects. One woman even married the Eiffel Tower because she loved it so darn much! There is also a large fetish for stockings and underwear.

Find Your Fetish

When you have a fetish, you may at first feel alone. However, thanks to the internet that feeling will not last very long. Any cursory glance online will show you that there are many groups on the internet for just about any sexual interest. Even the more fringe fetishes that have less of a following have a group out there. You can easily find peers online who are into the same thing. Don’t forget Rule 34 of the internet: if you can think of it, porn of it exists. And if there’s not enough porn of your fetish out there…why not make some?

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