“I don’t pay to have my dirty work done for me. I do it myself.”

-Ted Nugent


Felching is a particularly naughty practice that typically occurs when a guy fucks someone in the ass and then releases his load inside. The creampie must not be hampered by any sort of condom or barrier, because the felching requires the jizz to mix with lube and other stuff up there to make the experience complete. Then after he cums he shoves his mouth up to your booty hole, or has a girlfriend do it, to drink out the jizz and lube from your butt. If he loves you the most he will kiss you with that hot mixture in his mouth. It’s really a gross thing but some people find that it is so taboo that it is hot.

Bringing it Up

Felching is not really something you just do, since many people might find it kind of gross. You should really talk about it first. Since it will require fucking without a condom and shooting your load into a partner’s hole, you need to have a talk about testing and all that jazz. Then you should also speak about boundaries having to do with exchanging spermy spit. Perhaps an entry level to felching would be jizzing inside of your partner’s hole and then having them squeeze it out before you lick it up. This would be a good way to see if you both like this kooky act.


There’s not a real big technique to felching, but perhaps there is more a mental one than a physical one. If you can get over the yuck factor then you will be a felching star. Just put your mouth up to that asshole and suck until you feel some liquid hitting your tongue. That’s really all that you have to do.

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