Fifties Household Fetish

“The fifties – they seem to have taken place on a sunny afternoon that asked nothing of you except a drifting belief in the moment and its power to satisfy.”

-Elizabeth Hardwick


The 1950s were a time when things seemed idyllic. The sitcoms of the era show perfect families with put-together wives who worked hard to serve their families in proper outfits complete with girdles and stockings. They always had a roast on the table and their hair done perfectly. The fashions of the era were sexy yet modest, and the women were like mythical creatures who were dedicated to their husbands’ happiness. This has caused some people of this modern era, nearly 70 years later, to fetishize the 1950s and live their lives dedicated to recreating the ideal of a woman who serves the home and dresses in the style of the era.

How To

If you’re new to this fetish, you’re not going to get your wife to quit her job and wear poofy skirts right away! But it can be fun to play one night a week, especially if you are into BDSM and enjoy a dom/sub relationship, which is what most people like about this ever more popular fetish. You can easily get 1950s style outfits at a thrift store or at any rockabilly type of shop online, and it can be fun to have your female partner cook you a dinner and rub your feet after work as a sign of her subservience. In this fetish, hard sex or fetish play might not even present itself at all, as the couple gets a sexual thrill out of preserving this traditional type of relationship in which the woman serves the husband at his every whim.

Spice it Up

For those who aren’t necessarily into preserving the old way of life, but who still find girdles and vintage hairstyles exciting, you can emulate images of the day which include cute girls getting spanked in their vintage style lingerie, immaculate red lipstick wrapped around a cock in a blow job session, or simply making out in your car at the local look-out point. While these wouldn’t be traditionally part of the 1950s household fetish, it’s a way to draw inspiration from this unique play style to spice up your regular sex life.

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