Roman Showers

“The act of vomiting deserves your respect. It’s an orchestral event of the gut.”

– Mary Roach, Packing for Mars


Colloquially a Roman Shower is when one person expels their stomach, also called vomiting, on another person to create a form of sexual excitement and satisfaction for both parties.

The Fetish

This fetish involves one person vomiting on another person – that can be accomplished in multiple ways. Setting up an intentional play space to make the cleaning up of this fetish easier is a smart thing to plan ahead for. A Roman Shower is an act that is usually prepared for ahead of time, and it may even involve agreement around exactly what the sub involved will eat beforehand. Adding different colors to the food being ingested may add even more excitement for the person being vomited on, and that can be discussed ahead of time. This may tie in with someone wanting to see what the other person is eating, or possibly feeding them as well.

What To Do

With Roman Showers as your fetish you might not find an abundance of folks that want to participate in this without vetting them ahead of time. There are going to be online discussions where you should be able to find others with a similar interest, and they may also have suggestions for how to approach new partners about your desires. If you go to professional dungeons or talk to professional doms, you will be able to find someone that either has experience with implementing this kink, or can put you in the right direction of someone that will be able to. There are several adult films that will involve this kink, specialty magazines, and online resources to explore it further if you’re interested.

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Retifism (Shoes)

 “Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.”

-Clinton Kelly


The retifism fetish is defined as someone having an obsession based around shoes and footwear. Another more specific term for this fetish is altocalciphilia, which refers to an obsession with high heels.

The Fetish

There are many different forms that a shoe and footwear fetish can take. This fetish can solely involve the kind of footwear that a sexual partner is going to have on while participating in sexual activities with someone. Another form of this fetish is to have the footwear more actively used during intercourse, or during any form of BDSM play. Inserting aforementioned footwear into orifices, having it used for masturbatory methods, or using said footwear as a form of consensual punishment. High heels of different sorts are commonly used in this fetish due to their sex appeal and their versatility in causing pain to other willing participants. There can also be an oral fixation associated with a footwear fetish, where footwear my be fondled by another person’s tongue or sucked on by their mouth.

What To Do

A footwear fetish is a very common kink, with many chat groups, forums, adult films, sites, and books dedicated to it. You’ll be able to easily find others interested in your kink, whether they are interested in you wearing different footwear, or they themselves having it worn for you. Whether you are just turned on by the look of different shoes or wish to have them utilized during kink or sex scenes, there are so many different ways to have your fetish fulfilled!

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“Just like the first breath of life, any engine must be triggered in order to turn it on.”

-Toba Beta


Revving as a kink revolves around someone revving an engine, also known as “pedal pushing” or “pedal pumping”. Apart from an attraction to the engine sound and vibration, it is commonly associated with a woman’s foot in high heels pushing down on a gas pedal and is depicted that way in a large number of images surrounding this fetish. Women’s bare feet pushing gas pedals is also a popular imagery for those with the revving kink. Women that participate in this fetish are often referred to as “gas pedal honeys” and can have a variety of different looks.

The Fetish

Revving is a kink that is often found among muscle car fanatics, due to the intensity of the sound that muscle car engines make. The sound of the car can sometimes kick off this fetish, but it can also involve having sex on a car while the engine is revving, or inside of the car. It isn’t limited to just the sound of a revving engine, because the power of the motor can be felt throughout the entirety of the car. This kink is often associated with the kinds of sounds and sensations that powerful cars provide.

What To Do

There are many avenues and a wide array of choices to explore to get this kink fulfilled, whether the focus of your fetish is engine revving or gas pedal beauties. There are tons of forums about muscle cars, as well as sites and clubs that are fixated on powerful engines that you can join. There are also several websites devoted to images of beautiful ladies in high heels pushing down on gas pedals. Finding a partner that already has a muscle car is going to be a good way for you to fulfill this fetish without having to find random partners. Having access to a muscle car that you know you’ll be to have fun on, in or around will allow you to pursue all aspects of this fetish as often as you want. If not, then you’ll be able to find plenty of willing participants at muscle car events or through online resources. Make sure they understand your kink ahead of time and you’ll be able to have as much excitement from the revving of their engine as possible.

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“There are a lot of erotic nerve endings in the anus, so people can really find themselves having a different, better orgasm from rimming.”

-Joe Kort, PhD


A rimming fetish revolves around the love of giving or receiving rim jobs. Rimjobs involve either running your tongue around another person’s anus, or having them run their tongue around yours.

The Fetish

Getting excited by another person’s tongue circling your anus or finding pleasure in circling your tongue around someone else’s anus is what the rimming fetish is all about. This often involves inserting your tongue or having someone’s tongue inserted into your asshole as well. Rimming is becoming a very common sexual practice that excites multiple nerve endings of your anal entrance.

What To Do

Finding partners that want to perform rim jobs on you or have them performed on them won’t be a difficult task. There are so many people out there that enjoy anal play, especially when it involves another person’s tongue. If rimming is a new interest that has awakened inside of you it can be a fun realm to explore, especially with so many people out there that are already interested. It may also lead to more anal play, which may open you up sexually to more experiences. There are many forums, online groups, adult films and books that are all about pleasuring someone through rimming. Finding partners to explore rimjobs with won’t be difficult, but you do still have to be concerned about STIs and should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your partners.

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“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

-Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two


People with a robotism fetish have an erotic or sexual fascination with robots, cyborgs, or androids. This may also involve an attraction to another person portraying any of the aforementioned things. Robot fetishists often crave having actual sex with robots, and they use either entirely automated devices to pleasure themselves, or have other people portray the roles of robotic individuals to arouse them.

Finding Robot Lovers

If you’re into robots, cyborgs, and/or androids, you may want to look into people that are science fiction fans to roleplay this fantasy with you. Many LARPers are already going to be geared towards this fantasy, and may already have the right outfits to suit your needs. If you’re not looking for a human partner to participate in your fantasy, then there are machines that have been built to service your needs, and you can find them online.

Virtual Robotism

We are surrounded by an ever-changing landscape of technology, and AI has only gotten more intense and realistic as time passes. If you would like to explore this kink further without people directly involved, there are also adult game sites that will allow you to create avatars and sexual partners that are part, or all, machine. This may be a way for you to hone your kink interests involving machines before having to interact further with other people, and you will also be able to have virtual interactions via your avatar with other players in-game. The possible ways for you to interact with your robotism kink are truly growing vaster every day!

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“I never wanted something from somebody without being able to kind of reciprocate, I guess.”

-Dan Bilzerian


Recipromantic is the counterpart to reciprosexual. It is a lack of romantic attraction unless someone demonstrates a romantic attraction first. Recipromantic is part of the aromantic spectrum. It does not indicate any other sexual orientation and can be used as its own, meaning you would be attracted to anyone who shows romantic attraction, or it can be used in conjunction with other sexual identities such as heterosexual and homosexual, meaning you would only feel reciprocating romantic attractions to someone that matched your sexual orientation. 

Shades of Gray

There is a common question about whether recipromantic is part of grayromantic. Yes, it can be, but it does not have to be. A grayromantic person will experience more of a fluctuating romantic attraction, leaning more towards aro (being aromantic). A reciproromantic may experience that as well, but they may also be alloromantic with the person they are reciprocating with. Many recipromantics do not identify with the grayromantic term because their romantic attraction is often either on or off. When they are not in a reciprocated romantic situation then they are more aro. When they are in a reciprocated romantic situation, they are more allo (or alloromantic). 

Recipromantic vs Reciprosexual

Someone who is recipromantic may not be asexual – they may be looking for a queerplatonic relationship or be open to a more sexual relationship. A recipromantic person may have a sexual partner but not have any romantic interest in that partner unless they show romantic interest first. Someone who is recipromantic could also be reciprosexual but the two are not specifically connected.

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“I believe, Eragon, that you are full of love and that you are looking for one who will reciprocate your affection. No shame exists in that.”

-Christopher Paolini


Reciprosexual is an orientation on the asexual spectrum. A reciprosexual person does not experience sexual attraction unless they know that the other person is sexually attracted to them first. Reciprosexuality is considered part of the asexual spectrum because a reciprosexual person does not experience sexual attraction on its own. You can be reciprosexual and bi, gay, or straight, but you do not have to be. Some people who are reciprosexual do not have a gender preference, so their reciprosexuality applies to any person of any gender that shows sexual attraction to them. Some do have a specific gender preference and will only show sexual attraction to someone in alignment with their orientation, such as a gay reciprosexual. 

Reciprosexuality Judgment

There is often judgment that is lobbed on people who are only attracted to someone once that person is attracted to them first. People say it is a sign of low self-esteem. It is not. Reciprosexual is not an orientation that a lot of people are familiar with, and what they do not understand is that you are not withholding sexual attraction. A reciprosexual person is simply not even experiencing it until someone else does first. 

Am I Ace?

A reciprosexual person can definitely be asexual but that is not always the case. Reciprosexuality is on the asexual spectrum because the orientation demonstrates a specific type of sexual attraction that responds to a requirement. Without that requirement there is no sexual attraction, which is Ace. Once a reciprosexual person connects with someone they may well have a strong sexual attraction from that point forward with that specific person. 

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Roman Helmet

“Veni, vidi, vici.”

-Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar was the great emperor who said “I came, I saw, I conquered,” and perhaps that is why this weird sex act is called the Roman helmet. Most people think of it because it makes a person’s face resemble the helmet structure that Romans wore with a protective metal piece extending over the nose. Place your cock lengthwise along the bridge of your mate’s nose, take a picture and compare it to the gear you find in a Roman army encyclopedia of war. In many cases this activity also leads to other activites like teabagging and facesitting.

No Surprises

Some guys think it is funny to surprise their friends or girlfriends with this sex position but just like any sex act, you really do need to get someone’s permission before you put your cock across their face. Also, if you want to take photos, make sure you also get permission. Always remember, permission is easy to get if you are fucking the right person, and getting permission builds trust so she will keep coming back for more from you in the future.

What’s the Point?

It’s often done by college frat guys after a long night out on the town, or maybe even as a silly joke between a guy and his girlfriend. No one really gets much sexual gratification out of it, but there is definitely an element of domination involved. Having your mate wear your dick as part of their imagined attire stems from fantasies of objectification and can be a freaky doorway into the exploration of much more intense sex play later on.

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Rough Sex

“The way of the pioneer is always rough.”

-Harvey S. Firestone


Rough sex is for people who like it rough. It’s not necessarily BDSM but it may take some common aspects from that practice. People who like rough sex often enjoy things like humiliation to go along with their fucking, and they might want to get held down or restrained in some way, but the main difference between BDSM and rough sex is that rough sex is all about actual fucking that occurs. It often involves deep throat blowjobs, face fucking, and powerful hole pounding that is not for the inexperienced for faint of heart. Rough sex lovers tend to also enjoy more things like threesomes with double penetration and maybe even some double anal or double vaginal going on!

How to Start

If you are interested in rough sex, it’s something that both partners have to be into, so rough sex success starts in dating. You should talk a little bit about what kind of sex you like before you get into the fucking process, so that you make sure your partner won’t be upset when you ask them to pull their hair! Even though it’s not BDSM, most people who play rough have a safeword because things can get pretty hard quickly. Always keep watch over your rough sex sub and make sure that they are having a good time if you’re the one in charge.

Rough Sex Inspiration

Porn is the number one play to go for rough sex inspiration so you should watch some to see what positions and techniques people use. One fun one is to reach around grab the person’s mouth while you are fucking them from behind. If you have a friend, they can fuck your girl’s face while you do this. Otherwise, you can always just get inspiration for positions that give you the most leverage to pound the pussy of someone super hard and fast!

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Rusty Trombone

“A frisky spirit makes my trombone sing.”

-Chris Barber


Rusty Trombone is a colorful sex act that requires doing two things at once. It is definitely the type of thing multi-taskers love. When a lover puts their face in the ass of another, so that they can lick their asshole, while also reaching around the front with one hand to give their partner a simultaneous handjob. The name comes from the fact that it looks to an observer as if they are playing a trombone, and the rusty part is because well…yeah, you get it.

Rim Jobs

If you want to rim your partner’s asshole with your tongue, it’s always good to ask them to clean up back there before you start probing with your mouth. Stick your face back there and start licking. There are a few different techniques you can use which include licking around the edges, sticking your tongue in slightly and alternating between the two. You can ask your partner which way they prefer but their moan volume often lets you know the answer quickly.


As with anything involving intimate anal contact, you want to make sure that you and your partner are both tested and know each other’s status. If not, you can also use a dental dam to protect yourself from fluid exchange. With the handjob part, there’s really not much that can go wrong, though it is a hard position for some people to hold. Your partner can help in a hot way by holding the arms up or pressing the person’s head into their asshole. If you get off on having a girl give you a rusty trombone, try to find a mate with long arms, small hands, and a tongue ring for maximum pleasure!

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