Roman Helmet

“Veni, vidi, vici.”

-Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar was the great emperor who said “I came, I saw, I conquered,” and perhaps that is why this weird sex act is called the Roman helmet. Most people think of it because it makes a person’s face resemble the helmet structure that Romans wore with a protective metal piece extending over the nose. Place your cock lengthwise along the bridge of your mate’s nose, take a picture and compare it to the gear you find in a Roman army encyclopedia of war. In many cases this activity also leads to other activites like teabagging and facesitting.

No Surprises

Some guys think it is funny to surprise their friends or girlfriends with this sex position but just like any sex act, you really do need to get someone’s permission before you put your cock across their face. Also, if you want to take photos, make sure you also get permission. Always remember, permission is easy to get if you are fucking the right person, and getting permission builds trust so she will keep coming back for more from you in the future.

What’s the Point?

It’s often done by college frat guys after a long night out on the town, or maybe even as a silly joke between a guy and his girlfriend. No one really gets much sexual gratification out of it, but there is definitely an element of domination involved. Having your mate wear your dick as part of their imagined attire stems from fantasies of objectification and can be a freaky doorway into the exploration of much more intense sex play later on.

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