“I never wanted something from somebody without being able to kind of reciprocate, I guess.”

-Dan Bilzerian


Recipromantic is the counterpart to reciprosexual. It is a lack of romantic attraction unless someone demonstrates a romantic attraction first. Recipromantic is part of the aromantic spectrum. It does not indicate any other sexual orientation and can be used as its own, meaning you would be attracted to anyone who shows romantic attraction, or it can be used in conjunction with other sexual identities such as heterosexual and homosexual, meaning you would only feel reciprocating romantic attractions to someone that matched your sexual orientation. 

Shades of Gray

There is a common question about whether recipromantic is part of grayromantic. Yes, it can be, but it does not have to be. A grayromantic person will experience more of a fluctuating romantic attraction, leaning more towards aro (being aromantic). A reciproromantic may experience that as well, but they may also be alloromantic with the person they are reciprocating with. Many recipromantics do not identify with the grayromantic term because their romantic attraction is often either on or off. When they are not in a reciprocated romantic situation then they are more aro. When they are in a reciprocated romantic situation, they are more allo (or alloromantic). 

Recipromantic vs Reciprosexual

Someone who is recipromantic may not be asexual – they may be looking for a queerplatonic relationship or be open to a more sexual relationship. A recipromantic person may have a sexual partner but not have any romantic interest in that partner unless they show romantic interest first. Someone who is recipromantic could also be reciprosexual but the two are not specifically connected.

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