Prostate Massage

“The day I can’t pull something useful out of my ass is the day I quit sticking things up my ass.”

-Sean Gibson


A prostate massage is something that can only be done to guys. A great prostate massage can make a guy cum without any cock stimulation, and is usually referred to as prostate milking. A doctor might even do a prostate massage as part of a medical exam, so sometimes people who have a medical fetish especially enjoy prostate massage, but any guy who is not a little bit nervous about anal play is likely to enjoy it.

Milking The Prostate

If you want to give someone a prostate massage, you should stick your pointer finger and or middle finger inside of your partner’s asshole. Have them lie on their back and put your fingers facing up, and then feel inside for a small hard almond shaped bump. That’s the prostate! Then move your fingers against it in a come hither motion. If your guy starts moaning automatically then you know you’re doing a good job. If not, just keep asking if it feels good until you’ve found the perfect spot for them. You can also use special toys that are curved just perfectly for the prostate.

Anal Safety

If you use a toy to stimulate the prostate, make sure that it has a base of some kind so that it does not get sucked up and lost inside of the asshole. Also make sure that you use plenty of lube and your fingernails are not too long. If you have long nails and don’t want to cut them for some backdoor fun, you can always wear a medical glove made of latex or nitrile and then put cotton balls in the tip of the fingers you’re going to use to protect your lover’s booty.

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