“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist.”

-Gloria Steinem


Someone who is pansexual believes that their sexuality isn’t limited by genders. They don’t think that there is a gender binary, and they know that people exist on a spectrum from male to female, with lots of people in between those two points. There are people who do not fit into any gender, known as agender, and people who are transgender, and those who have some other identity that has not been defined by anyone else yet. They will have sex or date anyone and everyone, and they think that your genitals don’t define who you are or what your gender is.

Pan Vs. Bi

You may think that people who identify as pansexual are just bisexuals but in reality those are two very different terms. Bisexual people operate within the gender binary assumption that there are two genders only, male and female. They like both of them, but they probably wouldn’t want to date someone who has a gender identity besides male and female, or perhaps they would but they just don’t know that such a thing exists yet! It’s all a learning process for everyone as people become more open to other gender identities besides male and female.

Are You Pansexual?

How do you know if you are pansexual or bisexual? Well, it’s really quite easy. If you feel like you don’t care what gender the people you date or have sex with are, and if you feel open to dating trans people or agender people, then you may be able to consider yourself pansexual if that is something you identify with. However, even if you do want to date people of any gender, you can use any term you want to describe yourself.

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