Sex without pain is like food without taste”

– Marquis de Sade


Painal is a specific kind of anal sex that focuses on the enjoyment of only one of the participants. Rather than shared orgasms and mutual affection, Painal usually features a willing bottom who is attempting to be anally penetrated for the very first time, often without any kind of lube, while in front of the cameras at a hardcore sex studio or while being recorded by a smooth talking boyfriend.

Proper Use of Pain During Anal Sex

The word Painal comes from the two root terms Pain and Anal combined into a new distinctive label. While novices might assume pain is somehow a bad thing, masochists and porn provocateurs are well aware that pain can also be far more positive when applied to the correct degree and in the proper setting.

For example, many submissive bottoms have expressed a desire to feel the full length of their partner’s cock penetrating their asshole, and believe that lube or stretching exercises with butt-plugs or other gaping devices would diminish their anal sensitivity to the glorious moment when he begins thrusting balls-deep into her asshole for the very first time. The sensation of pain emanating from every wrinkle of her rectum as she is stretched open from ass to colon awakens her inner self and focuses all of her attention on the physical, emotional and spiritual components of hardcore anal sex in ways that a lubed up and stretched out anal experience simply never would be able to match.

Painal Safe Words

As with all other forms of consensual pain play, establishing a simple monosyllabic safe word that is easy to remember, and a physical cue that can be used if speaking is inhibited by a ball gag or choke, is essential to high quality Painal sex. When watching Freaky Painal Sex Videos, always keep in mind that the participants both want to be there. One to aggressively fuck a girl in the ass until she is raw and obedient, the other to receive painful anal sex as part of her journey toward sexual enlightenment with an ‘ass-first’ approach to demonstrating her love of her Dominant male partner. Protecting the sanctity of consensual Painal sex is as simple as having a safe word that either participant can use to immediately end the session and pause physical contact until a particular matter is resolved or addressed fully during the intermission.

Alternative Painal Sex

In most cases Painal sex is a term used to describe first time anal sex between a man and his submissive female partner. However, lesbian Painal is becoming more popular recently, with many dykes starting to explore the adventurous aspects of anally punishing their partners with strap-ons, dildos, and other foreign objects being inserted for a purpose similar to the standard Painal sex of straight couples. Note, Painal should not be confused with anal fisting. Anal fisting is about gaining full access to her anal cavity with an entire fist, and while fists can be used as part of a Painal sex session, during Painal sex the goal is to cause anal pain during penetration whether it be done via fist, cock, dildo or the back end of an office stapler.

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