“I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone’s teeth get cleaner?”

-Frank Zappa


Odontophilia is a tooth fetish, or fetish for sexual activities involving teeth. Tooth sexual activity could involve licking teeth, biting teeth, or even taking teeth out, in very extreme cases of the fetish.

Bite Me

Odontophilia is sexual attraction and arousal to teeth and things related to teeth. Typically this does not mean toothbrushes, but rather delves more into medical fetish. A person with a tooth fetish might like to use the apparatus used to hold your mouth open during dental surgery or various other dental props. People with a tooth fetish can be very creative in what activities they prefer. It might involve something as simple as licking your teeth, or maybe leaving tooth imprints on your skin. In more extreme instances it could even include pulling out teeth!


Depending on the level of fetish expression this can be a fairy safe fetish to explore, but like we mentioned above it does have the potential to get dangerous. If biting is involved, you want to make sure you don’t break the skin. If you break the skin, you want to stop and treat the wound immediately by cleaning it out with a disinfectant and bandaging it. A more serious bite may need medical attention. And obviously, it is very dangerous to participate in tooth extractions outside of the dentist’s office, so maybe satisfy this aspect of your fetish by watching medical videos or doing some roleplay without actually pulling out any teeth.

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