Nose Fetish

“Any nose, may ravage with impunity a rose.”

-Robert Browning


Some people find something about the nose so alluring that they just cannot leave it alone during sex. It is an appendage on the face that some feel has other uses besides serving as the olfactory center of the body and helping to get air into the lungs. To some, it’s another appendage, like a cock or finger, that can help to get pleasure, and to others it’s something else that adds a whole new flavor to their BDSM activities since it is a very sensitive area of the body to torment with clips, clamps or simply fingers. Plus, exploring the nose usually makes people feel very exposed and vulnerable which is another plus to BDSM tops.

Nasal Fantasies

Another alternative way to play out a nasal fantasy is to have it be part of an elaborate fairytale like Pinocchio, in which the puppet’s nose grows longer every time he tells a lie. Perhaps you dream of having a nose so long it can be used like a cock! Others enjoy wearing the nose of lesser beings, like the ones who roll around in the mud, or others who howl at the moon. Wearing these noses pushes home the humiliation and degradation they crave, and they also enjoy the objectification that comes along with this idea.

The Nose Knows

The nose is a mucus membrane which means that is sensitive and can get easily irritated and infiltrated with germs and stuff that will make a person sick. If you are using things inside or on the nose, make sure to wash your hands and also be aware of a person’s STI status. It would be rare for something to be transmitted through boogers but it could be possible, so it’s always better to know.

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