One Night Stands

“I’m always looking for meaningful one night stands.”

-Dudley Moore


A one-night stand is what happens when you go out and pick someone up perhaps out on the town or at a party. Then you take them home and have a night of wild sex. In the morning, you may fuck again or you might even leave them high and dry in the middle of the night. Then you never call them or talk to them again! One-night stands are fun because they let you know a little slice of a person, and you get to know a bit about them. It’s pretty great, though it’s not for everyone all the time.


How do you get a one-night stand? Well, you have to find someone who is on the same page as you. It helps if you go out, talk to someone you think is cute who seems flirtatious and into you. Then if you invite them back to your place and they agree, they are prime material for a one-night stand. Most people think that if you really like someone you should wait a bit before you fuck them so it doesn’t turn into an accidental one night stand, which might ruin your chances at a relationship!


One night stands do require some vigilance because you will basically be going home with a stranger. If you are the type of person to do so, talk to them really quickly about STIs, and you should also use a condom, because other forms of birth control don’t protect you against certain things. In addition, if you go to a stranger’s house tell a friend where you are going. It’s simply good dating practices in this day and age where anything could happen!

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