Pearl Necklace

“Coco Chanel used to talk about wearing more than one string of pearls. Why wear one if you can wear two?”

-C. Joybell C.


A pearl necklace is a thing that some sexy people do for the cumshot after a hot sexual experience. It’s basically when a guy gets so excited that he releases his jizz onto the neck, chest or boobs of a chick, where her cute pearl necklace would normally go. Pearl Necklace is a great move because you can really do it after any type of sex act which includes blowjobs, tit fucking, and good old fashioned pussy pounding. Find out if you like it or not by giving it a try. It’s a rumor that jizz is good for the skin too!

How to Try It

If you have never done a pearl necklace with your partner before, you should ask them what they think about it. If they seem like they might be open to it, or maybe if they are curious about it, you could show them some porn videos with pearl necklace cumshots because they are so easy to find. You could also simply describe the act to them, and see if they are into it. Of all the kinky things you could try, it’s really quite tame, but some women do think that it is almost humiliating or slightly degrading, so if they are not into that, they may not like this idea, however, most chicks would be open to it. Once you have the OK, just let it fly free!

It’s Pretty Safe

The great thing about a pearl necklace cumshot is that it is pretty safe. If you are fucking without a condom, there will be a greatly reduced chance of pregnancy if you pull out and then squirt your load on her chest or neck. However, if you’re fucking without condoms then you should also know that you both have to have the STI talk because there would still be fluid contact even if you don’t cum inside of her. A pearl necklace is a stylish way to leave a chick covered in your gooey jizz, showing her what a freak you are with a thick pearlescent set of genetic jewelry for her to wear!

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