“Now, the penis is round, and the anus is round, while the vagina’s opening is long and narrow; clearly then Nature designed the penis to fit into the anus, not into the vagina.”

-Ada Palmer


Prolapse refers to a fetish dealing with anal prolapse from sexual activity, and is also referred to as rosebudding. Prolapse happens when a person’s rectum collapses and slides out of the anus. This would commonly lead to a trip to the hospital, but in the realm of this fetish a prolapsed anus will often involve sexual activity once the anus has prolapsed, having it be touched, licked, kissed, and played with.

The Fetish

A prolapse fetish involves an individual having anal sex until their anus becomes prolapsed and then continuing to have erotic activity revolving around their prolapsed anus. This is a fetish that has to be done carefully, because the individual with the prolapsed anus might need to receive medical attention soon afterwards. The prolapse fetish can be considered a more extreme form of an anal play fetish. Due to the nature of this fetish, it is best to have a medical professional on hand, or at least a means to get to one very quickly.

Prolapse Safety

Prolapse play is a very dangerous fetish to participate in, and should be handled with care. If you are someone that wants to be on the receiving end of having your anus prolapsed, you should research carefully and make sure you’re willing to deal with the medical complications that may come from it. You can connect with others that have experienced it firsthand or have been present for it in various online communities. There might be an increased chance of finding someone that has experienced it through more gay-centric websites, due to the larger amount of anal sex in the gay community. With all of the problems that can be associated with this fetish, it is in your best interest to educate yourself around the complications that can come from it. There are adult films based around prolapsing that you can watch ahead of time, to see how much this really interests you before you engage in it yourself.

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