Quickie Sex

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

-Mario Andretti


A quickie is a impromptu sex that can often feel like a race between partners to see who can cum first! It’s best when you only have a few minutes to spare and you need to do a few quick thrusts. Whether it is at the height of a plane flight, while a spouse leaves the room for a moment, or in the office supply closet when nobody else is around, a quickie can be can revitalize a sex life that has fallen into boring patterns, because having quick sex requires everyone to focus precisely on what they enjoy the most!

Quickie Ideas

If you want to try having a quickie, there are some great ideas and fantasies to act out. Have your partner come over, not say anything, fuck them quickly and then have them leave. All without saying a word. You can also have them visit you at the office and have a secret quickie somewhere at work before you head out to lunch together. You don’t actually need a reason to have a fast sex session, but if you want to make one up there are tons of reasons and ideas to make them work for just about anyone.


Due to physical mechanics, most quickies are satisfying to one of the partners more than the other. This is because men usually cum more quickly and easily than a girl. That’s not to say this is true for everyone, but it is true for many. If you have a quickie and you get off pretty fast, make sure to get your partner off later on, when you have more time. Otherwise they may start to resent you and not want to give you as much pleasure if you keep getting off without thinking of them.

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