“The hand is the visible part of the brain.”

-Immanuel Kant


Quirofilia is a sexual fetish for hands. It can mean being attracted to a specific part of the hand like the fingers, palm, or nails, or it can be an attraction to non-sexual actions done by the hand such as washing or folding clothes.

Give Me a Hand

Quirofilia is one of the least common fetishes, whereas foot fetish is one of the most common. Typically when people think of a hand fetish they think of handjobs. That can clearly be an element of having a hand fetish, but this fetish goes far beyond that. Just like with a foot fetish, people with hand fetishes like to watch hands do actions such as squeezing sand through their fingers, getting dirty and then cleaned off, or getting pretty with a manicure. A quirofiliac often likes hands to touch them in both sexual and non-sexual ways, and can find sexual arousal with both.

Hand Me Some Intensity

The hand is a highly underrated part of the human body. It is packed with nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Hands can be used for very practical things but can also be your most intense erogenous zone. You don’t have to have a hand fetish to enjoy the pleasures of getting your hands touched. Try lightly touching your partner’s hand and run your fingertips up and down their fingers. Lightly touch between their fingers and over their palm. Try licking and biting the hand. Try alternating between firm grabs and feather light touch. You might find hands becoming your new favorite body part!

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