“The world is a prison in which solitary confinement is preferable.”

-Karl Kraus


There are whole groups of people who do the opposite of trying to stay out of prison like the rest of us. Well, they don’t want to go to real jail, but they have a fetish for anything that deals with long-term confinement. For some the fetish stems from real life experiences going to jail at an early age, for others, it comes from the idea of being completely helpless and at the whim of the guards. Other guys fantasize about going to prison to become gay in that environment where there is only cock available. Others love the physical aspects of this unique activity. They envision being strip-searched daily, handcuffed and controlled.

Creating the Fantasy

Some people who have a prison fetish actually go so far as to become pen pals or phone pals with a guy in prison to talk about hot prison fantasies. Others simply connect with other people online to talk about their desires for strict 24/7 control all the time. If you have a prison fetish that you want to enact with a partner, you should definitely start with role-playing. It would be easy to get some kind of inmate uniform from a Halloween store or online, and you could just play at home. It’s easy to find a pair of cute handcuffs to make the fantasy even more real.

Careful With The Cuffs

If you are playing with handcuffs, make sure to put the key in a place where you can easily reach it, and always test the key before slapping the cuffs onto someone. It would be easy to misplace a key so make sure you also have extras. Even though handcuffs are a common bondage implement, they are actually one that is quite easy to use improperly. They are sharp and harsh and can cause nerve damage if they are put on too tightly.

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