“I’m going to begin purchasing stuffed animals and endowing them with the qualities people in my life lack.”

-Dov Davidoff


Plushies are often confused with furries, but they are totally different in reality. Plushies are people who enjoy having sex or getting sexy with stuffies, and furries are people who like to dress up in costumes that resemble the toys. Sometimes the two are referred to as being in the same universe or world, even though they are pretty different. With plushies, they often modify stuffed toys to be more functional as sex toys that might involve attaching a dildo or cutting a hole and inserting a masturbation sleeve.

Plushie Origins

People don’t really know how this fetish originates because it seems to pop up organically in people. Most think that is might have to do with how good plush toys make people feel when they first play with them. If you used to be particularly obsessed with collecting them and surrounding yourself with them, then it makes sense that you will enjoy them sexually later on. If you find yourself wanting to try this, just look online and find out what is going on in your local plushie community.

Sharing is Caring

If you find yourself interested in plush toys, don’t worry. You’re not a freak and there’s nothing wrong with you. No fetish is too freaky and there are always people to connect with on any sexual interest. If you need to talk about this fetish with a partner then you can simply bring it up in a playful manner to gauge their interest. If you can’t find anyone who will play with you, try a professional fetish provider as a gateway, or maybe look online for a local plushy group. There are definitely people around who will love to explore your fetish with you. Often you may just have to work at it a bit to find them but when you enjoy something sexual that is not one of the more popular sexual interests, the thrill of hunting others to play with is always part of the adventure.

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