“Well, don’t let your thighs rub too close together, because you look like you’re about to have a walking orgasm”

-Christine Zolendz


Psycholagny is the coming together of two different words to create one. You probably have a good idea of what psycho means – it has to do with the mind of course. Lagny means sexual taste. So basically what this whole word means is that you can have an orgasm without physical touch. It is also called a psychic orgasm. Some people come into this world with the natural ability to achieve this, while others have to work hard to develop it. You don’t have to wonder very much why you want to come up with this skill, as it is very useful in getting your orgasmic needs met whenever you want to.

Getting Off Without Being Touched

Orgasms are basically just a series of muscle contractions paired with hot imagery in the brain, so your muscles can definitely be trained to do it on a regular basis. Some people try to make orgasms happen with a word association, and others can train themselves based on thought patterns. Others get aroused when they are simply too anxious or stressed, and still others experience a troubling condition known as persistent genital arousal disorder. Of course the latter two are not preferable because they may result in someone having an orgasm in an embarrassing situation, but the important thing here is that you can be trained to have an orgasm on command or by thought!

BDSM Orgasmic Sensations

BDSM practitioners who love orgasm control are really into the idea of psycholagny. They love to train their subs to only cum when they allow them to, and even to allow it to happen only at the precise moment that they want it to. The sub gets off on cumming on command, and the top has ultimate control of pleasure in their sub. It does take a lot of time and dedication to achieve this goal, but it can be done.

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